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DM News Tool Box: Combining Direct Mail with Teleservices

Question: We integrate e-mail with our outbound telemarketing lead generation efforts. Should we add direct mail to our mix too?

Answer: “One of the most interesting discoveries of a survey we analyzed was that a majority ‘ 63.4% ‘ of our “best in class’ hi-tech marketers integrate e-mail and direct mail into their telemarketing strategy (as opposed to email only), 25% more often than other marketers, ” Kathy Rizzo, VP of mar__keting at TeleNet Marketing Solutions, responds.

She suggests expanding your media mix to include direct mail. “You may use it in advance of your calling effort ‘ which is a traditional use of direct mail with telemarketing,” she explains. “Alternatively, you can utilize it as a print-on-demand, customized mailer based on the results of your telemarketing call and prospect profile. This is a great technique to use when you are nurturing contacts and providing relevant content.”