How a Tele-Partner Can Impact your 2020 Marketing Goals

How a Tele-Partner Can Impact your 2020 Marketing Goals

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on your progress over the past 12 months and more importantly, plan how you want to grow and change in the upcoming year. Your business resolutions may look a little like this…

  • Be more consistent
  • Learn to delegate and do it more often
  • Set measurable goals
  • Drop what’s not working and move on to something new

If any or all of these items are on your list, then here are some things you should consider relating to your 2020 marketing goals and plans…

Create a proactive outbound MQL program

  • Create proactive outbound MQL program to achieve consistency in your marketing outreach and lead funnel. Typically the output (i.e. qualified leads) from inbound and event marketing ebbs and flows throughout the year. However, most sales organizations are seeking a consistent and steady stream of leads to build their pipeline. One of the ways that marketing can help to achieve this is by creating a proactive outbound teleprospecting campaign, with a dedicated team of lead development representatives.

Offload to a trusted external partner

  • Offload all (or a portion) of your MQL program to a trusted external partner. If you’re not an expert in creating and managing tele campaigns (which should be part of your MQL strategy), why not delegate to someone who is an expert? Let your tele-partner supervise and coach your lead development team, manage your contact strategy and touch cadence, create a human-touch nurturing strategy and generate quality leads and appointments to build your pipeline. Offload the daily management of your outreach initiative, freeing up your time for even more strategic activities.

Engage in measurable activities to reach your marketing goals

  • Engage in marketing activities that will produce measurable results. The only way to achieve a measurable goal is to take on activities that you can clearly measure. Teleprospecting is one such activity, and another reason it should be part of your 2020 plans. With the proper reporting in place, each and every step can be measured… the number of dials, right-party conversations, qualified leads and appointments, sales accepted leads, converted opportunities, pipeline dollars generated and revenue won.

Have the right team for your marketing goals

  • Employ a new team, who is eager to help create a successful 2020. If you find yourself getting frustrated that your internal tele-team isn’t always prioritizing your activities or your external marketing partner has become complacent or your campaigns are not achieving expected results, it’s time to make a change. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our guide for help – How to Find, Evaluate and Select a B2B Tele Partner

If you’d like to learn more about how teleprospecting can help you reach your 2020 marketing goals, contact us today to schedule a discovery session with one of our account executives.