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Achieving Teleprospecting Success

A Lead Development Representative’s Perspective

Success as a lead development representative (LDR) is attributed to great teamwork, hands-on management and rewarding incentives. Prior to moving into my current sales role at TeleNet, I was an LDR supporting one of our technology clients. Here’s a little about what made me and my team successful.

As a LDR, each day is spent dialing the phone in an attempt to reach the correct contact on the other end. We strive to verify and collect information, share a little about our client, find and understand a need, and secure any available opportunities. We dial one number after another, simply looking to have conversations with qualified contacts. Uncovering opportunities can happen every other call or after thirty unsuccessful attempts to make contact. The latter of which can prove to be a bit disheartening. However, working as part of a team drove me to keep working and pushing ahead. We made a conscious effort each day to build one another up and push each other further. We didn’t view one another as competition. We worked as a team, each member playing an important part of driving us to success.

Each client team at TeleNet Marketing is assigned an operations supervisor and program manager, working together to provide LDRs with every chance of success possible. As an example, our program manager saw an opportunity to improve our success by adding a few key profile questions to our teleprospecting. Through effective probing and research, we were able to capture competitor, number of users, industry and contract expiration timetables for a large segment of prospects. From there we did mini-nurturing campaigns, the most successful of which was centered on the current contract expiration date. Our management team set up a calendar to call prospects as their contracts came up for renewal. After our team was successful with that approach, management organized similar calling focuses based on industry and number of users. This directly resulted in our ability to more than double our production for our nurturing campaigns. Our leads per day went from .66 to 1.42 – a 113% improvement!

Providing successful LDR teams with rewarding incentives is a practice that shows appreciation for effort put into a campaign. It reminds every LDR that hard work, determination, and persistence doesn’t go unnoticed. TeleNet Marketing has multiple methods of awarding incentives; weekly drawings, gift cards, extra break time, and paid time off are just a few. Each qualified, sales-ready lead gained for the client is also one step in bringing the team closer to a reward.

Every year, more brands choose TeleNet for their marketing needs, and I’ve been proud to contribute to the company’s success. Our clients know that along with quality results, they are going to have a lasting relationship built on value and integrity. In fact, TeleNet still serves the very first client we received back in 1999. Through teamwork, hands-on management, and rewarding incentives, LDRs at TeleNet Marketing will continue to reap the rewards of their hard work – and more importantly- so will our clients!