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TeleNet Marketing Productivity Increases by 60% after Restructuring

The Athens, GA-based business-to-business lead generation firm has restructured its contact centers and enhanced its services, yielding up to a 60% increase in results for its clients.

To capitalize on TeleNet’s talented staff, while increasing production output, the company restructured their call center management team in mid‐2016 creating two functions – one focused solely on agent and campaign productivity, and the other focused on quality.

The two functions work hand-in-hand with the goal of driving up agent and campaign productivity, while maintaining TeleNet’s well established lead quality.

While clients were extremely pleased with the quality of TeleNet’s work, collectively ranking the company as excellent on a recent customer satisfaction survey, those same clients also desired a higher production output.

“Although our clients love our quality, they want a higher volume of leads,” explained Gregg Garrett, chief executive officer of TeleNet Marketing. This pushed Garrett to take a critical look at his operations during 2016 and make some adjustments.

Beyond the company’s new structure, Garrett also challenged his management team to adjust and improve the company culture, focusing on three fundamentals: collaborative teamwork, passion for excellence, and recognition and reward.

The results have been staggering. “Our productivity is measured based on LPD, which is the number of qualified leads that an agent is able to obtain in one business day,” Garrett said. “Since our restructuring and fine-tuning was complete, we’ve seen production improvements on nearly every TeleNet client campaign, with our largest client is seeing 60% more qualified leads.”

To further improve its client offerings, TeleNet is kicking off 2017 with service enhancements such as improved response time for incoming inquiries through effective utilization of webhooks. The company has also hired a director of data management to provide expanded data services for its clients.

Since its inception in 1999, TeleNet has prided itself on providing high quality, sales-ready and revenue‐ generating leads for clients. The firm supports more than 25 clients, including three technology giants found in the Fortune 100.

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