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Teleprospecting May Help You to Capitalize on the E-Rate for Networking Solutions

2016 is going to be a big year for networking products and solutions in the Educational industry. Call it the E-rate effect.

The priorities for 2016 are covering:
• in category 1 connectivity to a school or library
• in category 2 connectivity within a school or library

Thus, if you manufacture networking products and solutions, getting in front of decision-makers within educational organizations will be very worthwhile in 2016.

As you would expect, there are lots of do’s and don’ts when engaging in a bidding process, and getting started can be complex. Just knowing that the opportunity is emerging within an account who is putting out a 470 form can be overwhelming and time consuming. This is when a key marketing partner comes in handy- when you engage a knowledgeable teleprospecting team targeting schools and libraries, the likelihood of uncovering emerging projects goes up significantly.

Teleprospecting can help you…

• Reach your target market by making 7+ attempts to each potential buyer
• Uncover which schools will be utilizing the e-rate and discover where they are in the process
• Determine next steps and schedule appointments for your sales organization

The E-rate change is a great reason to increase your proactive teleprospecting activity and drive sales-ready leads, containing a definite budget.