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Proactive Outbound Teleprospecting – How to Warm up a Cold Call

Cold Calling strategies have evolved in the modern marketing world beyond the stereotypical “dialing for dollars” into a warmer informative conversation.

Below are a few things to keep in mind to make a proactive outbound effort warmer and more effective:

Focus on your “Sweet Spot”
Cold-calling should not be a broad-brush approach targeting everyone in your database. Instead, focus your proactive outbound teleprospecting efforts on those accounts that meet the definition of your ideal prospect profile, using criteria such as industry, revenue size, titles, current environment and buying history.

Integrate Call “Email” Call Strategy
In recent campaigns, we have seen great success in implementing a call-email-call strategy. In today’s mobile marketplace, fewer professionals are spending time at their desks. Sending a message after the first few phone attempts will provide the prospect a clear purpose for your call and allow a secondary channel of communication. Those contacts who are often away from their desks are more likely to reply to an email message than to return a phone call.

Leave Voicemail Messages
Even if using a call-email-call strategy, it is still critical to leave a voicemail message when attempting to reach a prospect. Let the contact know that you are reaching out, outline the purpose of your call, and set the expectation that you will be following up in email or with another call. Although the contact may not have raised their hand for a specific need triggering your phone call, there is a likelihood that your products or services could be of benefit, therefore it is crucial to provide an introduction to your offering to compel the prospect to reconnect.

Have a Clear and Compelling Purpose for Your Call
It has been determined that the first 30 seconds of a call make or break the conversation. Make sure that within this window you are clearly stating the reason for your call and provide a benefit statement to peak the contact’s interest. In today’s hectic business environment, being direct in explaining why you are calling is crucial in establishing rapport with your prospect.