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Integrating & Refreshing Content for Best Lead Generation Results

There are many tactics and components of lead generation such as online media, email, and teleprospecting. The success of these tactics is largely based on the relevancy of the content and messaging. Marketers should consistently create and curate valuable content to stay relevant, peak interest and drive responses. Integrating new content across tactics can ensure a healthy and successful lead generation strategy. Here are some lead generation tips to consider when refreshing your content.

Online Media: According to research, over two billion people use the Internet worldwide and 70% of them use the Internet every day. This probably comes as no surprise but the trend continues to grow and customers are more connected than ever before due to smart phones and tablets. To impact your lead generation efforts, be sure to edge your competitors with new content across various platforms such as websites, banner ads, webinars, social media, blogs, etc. Make sure you have an organized customer capture procedure allowing you to proactively follow-up and convert online searches and responses into qualified leads. Refresh your content on a monthly or quarterly basis, keeping the assets that have yielded the highest response rates and lead conversion rates and improving/replacing those that are the lowest.

Email: The days of logging into your PC to access work email (while actually sitting at your desk) between 9:00 – 5:00 are long gone. Telecommuting workforces continue to rise and employees are on the go with more mobility options than ever before. Customers stay connected via smart phones and tablets. In order to run a successful campaign you must consider these behaviors when creating your email strategy. Email blasts should align with your new content but also be tested and formatted for customers to receive via mobile devices. Lastly, be sure to have a tool in place (there are many available) where campaigns can be tracked by capturing open and click rates to see how often customers are seeing, reading and responding to email. Use this intelligence to prioritize your follow-up in order to generate the highest quantity of qualified leads.

Teleprospecting:  Some may say that the phone is dead. I disagree with this, particularly since nearly every successful business relationship begins with a conversation. While customers have more and more options to consume information, marketers MUST make sure their strategies include a teleprospecting component. Just as a dinner table always has a salt and pepper shaker, every lead generation campaign should include a tele component. Ashley Rist points out the importance of teleprospecting inclusion in a previous article, Maximizing Responder Results with Telemarketing – Don’t Generate Responses in Vain!  As Ashley mentions, marketing dollars can go to waste if teleprospecting is not a component. Not only should you include teleprospecting in your lead generation strategy, but it’s equally important to include the latest content and messaging in your conversation guides. For the best results, be sure to arm your teleprospectors with the latest value propositions, messaging and content.