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Streamlining Your Integrated Marketing Approach – Clutter or Coverage?

Your telemarketing agency can offer more value from your online media syndication than just lead qualification. Since it is the telemarketing agency that is ultimately connecting with the responses generated by the syndication, they can be useful sources of recommendations for maximizing your ROI on your media buys.

In a recent analysis of online media responder follow up campaigns, we noticed an interesting correlation to the number of deliverables promoted and the number of leads yielded. Looking at a four quarter cycle during which the messaging and focus remained consistent, we found that a more streamlined approach led to a higher quality of responses. This leads to the question – does more media lead to better coverage, or too much clutter?

Integrating multiple media approaches in a marketing strategy is a great way to ensure your message is being reached by a broad audience. Including deliverables such as whitepapers, case studies, market reports and webcasts is key to keeping the market informed and up to date about new innovations in solutions. However, you must consider at what point do your customers become overwhelmed with the amount of information they are presented.

In drawing the parallels between the number of assets presented and the quality of inquiries received, we discovered that it goes back to the quantity versus quality question. Which is more valuable – a higher volume, or more targeted and qualified responses? Posting more deliverables will ultimately yield more visits and views, however a more streamlined and strategic approach may also aid in improving accuracy in targeting ideal customers.

So how do you put this data to work improving your ROI? Below are a few recommendations based on our findings:

  1. Keep the number of deliverables at a manageable level. Just as a newspaper with too many ads can be overwhelming, a website with too many links can create so much noise that your customer misses out on key information. Provide the most current and relevant syndications to aid in better targeting. Also, it is helpful if all media follows a uniform brand. This allows customers to easily identify your syndications quickly and easily.
  2. Take advantage of multimedia approaches. While you want to keep the number of syndications manageable, using multiple vehicles to deliver your message is greatly successful. Consider incorporating an email blast to subscribers to drive more interest in the syndications. Offer whitepapers and case studies as un-gated deliverables and direct prospects to syndication sites during telemarketing calls to continue to extend reach and provide a call to action for those who may not be lead opportunities at the time.
  3. Keep the message current. Make sure that your assets and syndications are refreshed on a regular basis to ensure your message is still relevant in the market. If you have several assets available for a solution, rotate the syndication so that all assets are used, but not at once. Don’t forget to update email and telemarketing messaging appropriately in order to stay in line with any updates to syndications.

Also remember to make all syndications available to your telemarketing agency so as to ensure a warm follow up conversation. When performing an online media response telemarketing campaign, it is valuable to reference the site and syndication the prospect viewed so that the messaging can be targeted to meet the specific interests of the contacts.