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Market Trends – Providing Valuable Analysis to Shape Future Initiatives

As a company that specializes in Lead Generation, TeleNet has countless methods and best practices aimed at obtaining the environmental information and specifications surrounding project opportunities.

Much of this expertise, however, comes as much from understanding the contacts that do not result in a lead opportunity as much as the lead opportunities themselves. Providing this feedback to the client further helps the marketing and product development teams to deliver solutions and messaging for which their target audience is in need.

Here are some helpful tools in providing this information:

Constructing a Marketing Guide That Enables Analytics

As Jené Brown covers in her blog, 3 Key Objectives of a Teleprospecting Call Guide, it is imperative to construct a marketing calling guide that stimulates conversation, but also enables data acquisition. Open-ended questions are the most effective means to helping a prospect open up about their environment, but the guide must still have selections available for environmental specifics. Without this key feature, it is impossible to perform analytics throughout the campaign.

Comparing Data to Sales Opportunities

Once you have obtained a sufficient number of responses, it is a great practice to then match those responses to opportunities created. Which environmental facets generate the most interest? Are there specific trends with prospects who are not interested? This data can then be used to prioritize efforts, research more targeted objection handling, and ultimately make a significant impact on the success of a campaign.

Communicating with the Client and Maximizing Future Endeavors

Finally, it is key to relay these findings to the client! Countless metrics have been shared by TeleNet Marketing Solutions to our clients that were considered highly beneficial to product and marketing development. Abby Lynes illustrates these points in her blog, Think Ahead- Gather the Best Market Intelligence from a Teleprospecting Campaign. Competitive insight and success stories can be used to create targeted efforts in the future, and better prepare for expected objections. These two techniques individually can positively impact lead conversion.

Capturing environmental information, analyzing trends, and relaying those finds to the client not only can increase production on existing teleprospecting efforts, but also adds value to those leads generated by providing valuable insight to your client!