CTDI Supply Taps New Markets with TeleNet's Lead Generation Programs

CTDI Supply Taps New Markets with TeleNet’s Lead Generation Programs


CTDI Supply is a division of Communication Testing Design, Inc. (CTDI) and is known as “the strongest link within the Telecom Supply Chain.” For over 20 years, CTDI Supply has provided their global customers with fully integrated “end-to-end” supply chain service solutions. Working in alignment with the industry’s leading service providers and original equipment manufacturers, CTDI Supply’s world-class services allow customers to recognize immediate bottom line cost savings and improved field support. Each CTDI application is customized to satisfy their customers’ unique service requirements and seamlessly interface with existing backbone systems and business processes. Supported by CTDI’s comprehensive in-house repair and logistics capabilities and a track record of quality that is second-to-none, CTDI provides their global customers with a proven best-cost and world-class supply chain solution.


By 2002 CTDI Supply had grown into a very successful organization by focusing the majority of their sales attention on large telecommunication providers. Despite their success, CTDI executives and sales management knew that there was a substantial market, comprised of small to mid-sized providers and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), that was virtually untouched by their sales organization. This market represented a significant opportunity to expand their business. Additionally, executive management was convinced that CTDI could successfully tap into the Fortune 1000 corporate market. With the potential market seeming nearly endless, CTDI was faced with the challenge of figuring out how to systematically identify decision-makers and qualify leads within these new market segments while focusing their seasoned sales reps on the best potential “immediate” opportunities.


After considering several potential solutions, CTDI Supply’s director of sales engaged TeleNet Marketing Solutions as their lead generation partner in January 2002. The partnership has proven successful and productive for over six years. At the onset of the partnership, TeleNet advised CTDI on the development of targeted lead generation initiatives focusing on one market segment at a time. Identifying “ideal customer profile” characteristics such as type of organization, revenue size, geography, title, etc. allowed the activities to be prioritized. TeleNet researched and acquired marketing lists from multiple industry sources and worked closely with CTDI to develop call guides that allowed both identification and qualification of decision-makers, as well as “pain inducing” questions to uncover “sales-ready” leads. Throughout the initial development, it was important that TeleNet created a solid framework for CTDI, which would allow “plug and play” of additional lead generation campaigns and market segments. After the first year of activity, TeleNet advised CTDI to expand their program to include a lead nurturing strategy that focused on long-term prospects. Using a methodology that employed a combination of carefully planned telephone calls, emails and relevant content ensured that potential opportunities were not falling through the cracks. Most importantly, the nurturing strategy built relationships with long-term prospects and created a steady and continual pipeline of “sales-ready” leads for the CTDI sales team.  


Over the course of the last several years, CTDI and TeleNet have successfully implemented lead generation and nurturing initiatives targeting CLECs, telecom consultants, wireless carriers, and Fortune 1,000 corporations. On average, TeleNet has uncovered, qualified and turned over 364 “sales-ready” leads each year for CTDI Supply’s sales organization. Compared to an industry average lead rate of 8-12 percent, the average CTDI campaign at TeleNet has produced an 18-20 percent lead rate. According to CTDI’s director of sales, CTDI has grown sales and sourcing clients by 15 percent since beginning their lead generation strategies with TeleNet.  
"As a sales manager, I believe that it's crucial that our sales reps focus on prospects that are ready to buy. That's why the program that TeleNet runs is so important for us. They provide highly qualified leads that need immediate sales attention while nurturing those that aren't ready yet. TeleNet is a critical part of our sales team." Dewey O'Donnell CTDI Supply Director of Sales