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Consistency in Training Drives Success in a Call Center

In a call center environment, training is an ongoing activity, not a one-time occurrence. Therefore, uniformity is one of the most important aspects of training – ensuring that there is consistency from one training session to the next. This helps to drive quality.

After the initial ‘new hire’ training course, there are several ways to ensure that all subsequent training sessions and communication replicate a consistent message. These methods include:

  • Test Understanding – The first step is to ensure your agents are leaving the training session with a clear understanding of the material and the key takeaways. Testing at the end of training will help to ensure agents have a proper baseline understanding.
  • Train Your Management Team – When agents have questions, they will first go to their direct supervisors/managers for clarification. If they receive opposing direction, it will hinder the cohesion of a department. Therefore, arm your management staff with the proper messaging and call techniques that match your training curriculum.
  • Build & Reinforce Knowledge – Use subsequent training sessions to not only provide new information and updated material (product updates, market trends, new call techniques, etc), but also to reinforce your previous training material and ensure your agents are following best practices.

Remember, an agent understanding of products, markets and call techniques will only be as strong as the training they have received.