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Building Telemarketing Calling Guides- The IT Perspective

At TeleNet, our Sales and Program Management teams work diligently with our clients to develop key questions and valuable content for each of the professional telemarketing calling campaigns we manage. After a call guide has been approved by a client, it is then provided to TeleNet internal Information Technology (IT) department to be used as the official guideline for creating the calling database application. The communication of goals and objectives will always play an integral role in the success of a B2B telemarketing campaign – especially when it comes to the development of the calling campaign database.

When building the calling campaign software application, TeleNet Program Directors work with our IT department to ensure that the questions that are asked within call guide will produce data results that are meaningful to our clients; therefore, from an IT perspective, it vital for the calling database to be built exactly as intended per the call guide. Please consider the below sample question for a targeted lead generation telemarketing campaign.

Which relational database software applications are currently being utilized within your environment?

D)SQL Server
F)None of the above

For this particular question, as the question suggests, it possible for the organization to be utilizing multiple relational database applications concurrently; therefore, when the calling database is built, it imperative for this question to be developed to allow for multiple answers to be stored in the database (such as the value of