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Working with your Telepartner Should Not be One-Size Fits All

Flexibility is important when working with a new client, particularly adapting to different ways in which companies communicate and collaborate. As an example, we have a client that is a leader in the technology sector- they are truly cutting edge in all aspects. Their focus is primarily software solutions for both consumers at large and businesses. TeleNet supports this client by providing qualified leads for their private and public sector markets. A key factor in effectively working as a partner with them is interacting with their marketing managers and stakeholders directly within a cloud deployed application – Google Drive. This collaboration tools allow for quick transition of information, minimization of emailing back and forth and creative exchanging of ideas on the fly.

An advantage of adapting to a variety of different systems and communication practices is that it allows our team to understand how different businesses operate. TeleNet is able to gain experience and knowledge in the rapidly evolving technology sector, which is never stagnant.

Conversely, the advantage to our clients is that we do not force them into our processes, but instead will leverage