The Value of the Value Proposition - TeleNet Marketing

The Value of the Value Proposition

Teleprospecting is a great tool to educate the market on your brand and services. During teleprosepcting phone calls, we leverage value propositions to relay, on a high level, specifications on the product or service offered and how it may add value to an organization.

Often, the purpose of a teleprospecting campaign is to introduce a new product or innovation to the market. Most times, the brand is recognized but the market may not be familiar with the particular product or service being promoted. It is the teleprospector job to educate the prospects on the latest offerings in an effort to be considered for upcoming initiatives.

When delivering a meaningful value proposition, it is important to first understand the organization to which you are speaking. Some solutions are complex and apply only to a niche market while others are more applicable to the mainstream. However, most prospects are only interested in learning about the offering if they can first understand what it can bring to their business and situation. Before launching into an elevator pitch on the solution you are promoting, first get to know your prospect. What are they using today? Are they experiencing any pains and challenges? Do they need to change or improve their existing solution? Where are they experiencing inefficiencies that your product can address? Ask a few