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Three Aspects of Being an Effective Teleprospecting Trainer

Training is the first step in developing a telemarketing representative into an essential asset of a productive workforce. Combining the immense knowledge of the technology industry with the subtle nuances of lead generation and teleprospecting is no small feat to say the least. What I would like to focus on are what I consider to be the three most important aspects of being an effective lead generation and technology trainer: train with enthusiasm, relate to the audience, and check for a clear understanding.

Train with Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is sometimes hard to muster when you have recited the same training material dozens of times. However, this is no excuse to let your conviction waver. When being trained haphazardly, a trainee will certainly lose their interest and motivation to pay attention. It is vital to the training experience for the trainer to be a charismatic presence in order to maintain the audience attention, especially when dealing with difficult subject matters like information technology. Paying attention to the class’ body language and attitude will provide clues as to whether you have their attention or if they are fading fast.

Relate to the Audience
A tool that I tend to use when attempting to relate to an audience is to come up with commonalities through analogies. Analogies will aid in expressing your personality and liven up the sales lead training. I find that when trainees feel as though they can relate to you on a situational level, they feel more comfortable with the subject matter. The point is to find relatable common threads that everyone shares that can explain a particular idea. For example, when discussing the point of aging and inflexible technology, I like to refer to the old Nokia 6110 cell phone that everyone can relate to. This piece of technology was advanced for its day but is now obsolete. This brings the idea I am talking about into a real life situation and provides them with a concrete memory that they will easily be able to recall at a later date.

Check for a Clear Understanding
After training employees on a new technology or lead management topic, it is important that I briefly stop to make sure that the subject just covered has been understood. Providing the trainees the opportunity to pause from listening and comprehend the topics discussed will help to ensure they absorb the information. Keep in mind that there is a vast difference in hearing what someone says and understanding and comprehending what someone says. For teleprospecting training purposes, materials should be covered a few times to ensure that the employees completely understand the information that they are being provided. When having a multi-day training, reiterating the topics discussed on the previous day aids in the material becoming a concrete understanding instead of a fleeting thought.

In today dynamic and agile marketing environment it is important to have a well rounded resource development department to ensure that employees are staying ahead of the curve. By following the aforementioned techniques, you will be on your way to ensure that you have a lasting impact on the employees that are being trained. Keep in mind, training sessions are only as good as the trainer, especially when dealing with concepts like lead generation, telemarketing, and information technology.