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How to Utilize Teleprospecting to Turn Free Users into Paying Customers

In today economy a common strategy is to provide software and applications for free in hopes to get your brand name out there in the market-place.
A secondary goal (or arguably the primary) is to eventually get users to start paying for expanded features, options, and benefits, thus developing those users into paying customers. But how do you usher-in that change? How do you start a dialog with users regarding the free services you are providing them and turn them into clients generating revenue for you?

Here are 5 tips to get that discussion started via teleprospecting:

  1. Be ready to discuss what the free version is currently doing in detail
  2. Don’t focus on budgets or cost when taking the first steps- talk about satisfaction with what is being used currently
  3. Inquire about what added functionality would be useful
  4. Compare Free versions to Paid ones via the enhanced benefits
  5. Provide a demo- when contacts witness the added power of an expanded service or tool-set, it becomes hard to resist taking next steps