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Teleprospecting into the Higher Ed Industry – What You Must Know

Previously I shared with you several Keys to Success in targeting the Education Industry. Now, I’d like to drill down on Higher Education. Here are several points to help you understand the mindset of technology decision makers in Higher Ed that will be invaluable to you when teleprospecting into the industry.

Focus on Your Reputation. While Higher Ed likes to view themselves as innovators, they tend to be rather conservative. They are more frequently a “me too” industry. Decision-makers will also compare notes with their peers at other institutions, even on technology purchases. And because of this, reputation is very important. From a prospecting perspective, implementing human-touch nurturing strategies, including third-party articles and case studies, will help to showcase your reputation and build relationships. For companies trying to break into the Higher Ed market as a new company, or an existing company with a new product, great offers are frequently needed entice the early adopters.

Determine Differentiators. Although somewhat contradictory to the above, education institutions also pride themselves on being different. Utilize teleprospecting to find out what the institution views as their differentiators. Then look for ways to position your services and products to help them achieve and maintain that differentiator.

Know Common Trends. Focus your campaigns on current campus technology trends, which include mobility, virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud computing, digital text books. Check out this article on Campus Technology to learn more about current technology trends for Higher Ed: