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More Tips for Teleprospecting Success

As a continuation of my previous post Tips for Teleprospecting Success, following are four more valuable tips to achieving success when teleprospecting.

Learn about your target audience. Understanding how your message will resonate with the target audience is paramount. It allows you to deliver your value proposition in an effective and meaningful way, which can only serve to spark interest in a potential client. Every industry has unique challenges, and being able to match the benefits of your focus product to the specific challenges within the market you’re targeting is truly invaluable to telemarketing success.

Have your opening statement prepared beforehand. Knowing how you will start off every call facilitates opening the conversation with confidence. Starting off on the right foot sets the tone for rest of the conversation and ensures that your prospect will be on board with the purpose of your call right from the start.

Your prospects respond to the speed that you speak and the tone of your voice. Always speak in a calm steady fashion, preferably slower than the prospect. You will be amazed at how they mimic and respond to your tone of voice. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm! Also, do not apologize for calling. There is no need for apologies, as you are calling to provide a valuable message and do a service to your contact. Apologizing for your call right off the bat gives the impression that the call will be an inconvenience to the prospect, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember, we want to start the call of on the right foot every time!

Every sales team has their own criteria for what they consider a qualified lead. Some are happy with a