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Considerations for Successful Appointment Setting Campaigns

At TeleNet, we run a wide variety of different types of appointment setting campaigns , most with great success. As program managers, some of us tend to approach these campaigns with trepidation, as they are never without challenge, but successful appointment setting campaigns are always exciting. Here are some aspects of the campaign development process to consider as you plan your appointment setting strategy:

  1. First and foremost, make sure to consult sales regarding their expectations. Of course this is key for any kind of lead generation or teleprospecting planning, but it is even more critical in appointment setting. You have to know what kinds of appointments your sales team wants to take, who they want to meet with, and what they expect to get out of the meeting. Balance that with realistic expectations for the effort. Your sales team is not like to appreciate two days of travel to meet with a tire-kicker. However, depending on your offer, it is unlikely that they’re going to come home from any appointment with a signed contract. You have to understand what they want, and they have to understand what they can reasonably get.
  2. Next, define your audience. What kinds of contacts do you want to set appointments with? What companies? What titles? What does the ideal appointment look like? Use these questions to help build your list. Perhaps more importantly, is there anyone you DON’T want to meet with? If so, make sure you’re not calling those people! If there are any disqualifying characteristics, try to eliminate those prospects before calling begins. There are few things worse for a telemarketing than having to politely say