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Give Sales What They Want – Truly Qualified Leads

Recently, Chief Marketer published an article reporting on results from a B2B Survey underwritten by Pardot in an article titled, Lead Management (And Data) Practices Vary Among B2B Marketers . The article highlights the great variation among B2B marketers with regards to their lead qualification metrics and objectives.

To share a bit more detail on the variation, the article reports the following survey findings:

  • 28% of respondents have no standards in place for lead qualification
  • Nearly one quarter of respondents set goals based solely on the total number of leads generated
  • Another third of respondents set goals based on the number of qualified leads
  • And 22% set their goals based on the number of both qualified and unqualified leads

While it is a bit alarming that only approximately 50% of respondents are focused on lead quality in some way, based on my own experiences with B2B lead qualification programs, it is quite common for lead goals, lead definitions, and processes to vary greatly from client to client. That said, the reported statistics that I find most interesting are as follows:

  • 60% of the firms that do qualify leads use a combination of demographics, firmographics and actions taken (such as pages and videos viewed)
  • 15% of firms qualify on firmographics alone
  • And the rest use action taken

Using these definitions of