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Follow-up Mechanisms – A Critical Step in Your Campaign Plan

We plan for the weekend. We plan for retirement. We plan for all sorts of things in our lives and jobs. Planning is a tried and true action for success. It allows us to think of a variety of scenarios and set in place processes to handle what may have otherwise been unexpected. That goes for marketing plans too.

Reviewing your marketing plans with colleagues and vendors is an important step. This will ensure that you don’t have undesired overlap with your colleagues, and will give you the opportunity to identify activities that you can leverage within your plan without added expense. Additionally, your vendors will be able to enhance your plans through their experience and knowledge. If you execute the proper due diligence in the planning phase, the actual execution of your campaigns will run much more smoothly.

On occasion, I have been involved with campaigns in which considerable planning went into the creation of the call-to-action to entice prospects to