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How Are Smartphones Supporting B2B Call Center Operations?

Smartphones are making it easier and easier for people to communicate. From a late night e-mail to the data analysis of last month sales figures, smartphones are literally emerging into powerful and practical business tools. With the capability of accessing imperative information at one fingertips from any location where a wireless internet connection can be established, smartphones are portable, convenient, and tremendously constructive instruments that are supporting the overall operation of a B2B telemarketing call enter.

Phone Calls
One of the most obvious benefits of a smartphone is that one can easily make/receive calls on the go. Even though regular business hours may stop at a certain time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that business stops at that time. Time zone differences, scheduling conflicts, production emergencies, business travel, excellent service, etc – these items can all be rationale to justify off peak communication. And to many, phone conversations are still the preferred method of communication.

Electronic Documents
Having the ability to send and receive e-mails/texts/instant messages via a mobile device can be exceptionally valuable – one network accessible computer is not always available and/or convenient; therefore, even if one is out of town on business, a quick e-mail can easily be answered in just a matter of seconds. Communication via e-mail is an absolutely critical business necessity in a B2B call center environment, and having the ability to communicate electronically via one smartphone is enormously advantageous on a daily basis.

Automated Reminders
Some smartphones have the ability to record voice messages – you’re sitting in your car about to head home for the day; you think of a great way to more efficiently backup a cluster of production databases; you click record on your phone, speak the idea, and the message is saved for future reference – it that easy, and sometimes those simple recordings can prove to be incredibly handy data elements. Additionally, work calendars can often be integrated with one smartphone, which can be extremely practical for reviewing upcoming commitments and availabilities; automated reminders are essential to ensuring that engagements are met and accessibilities are highlighted.

Mobile Applications
From professional social networking integrations to financial forecasting tools, mobile phone applications (̢