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Are Your Programs Impacting Revenue and Pipeline Growth?

Recently, DemandGen Report released results from its new Marketing Analytics and Revenue Management Survey in an article titled, New Study Shows Marketing Role in Revenue Growing As Analytics Capabilities Increase published on DemandGen Report , an e-media publication focused on sales and marketing alignment and automation. The article highlights a number of statistics supporting two primary trends: 1) marketers are increasing their measurement capabilities and 2) marketers are increasing their impact on (and responsibility for) revenue. Based on my own experiences working with marketing clients to help them build pipelines and improve their performance, these trends are not a surprise. In fact, in the telemarketing world, these trends are business as usual. I am not completely sure if it is the inherent measurability of telemarketing programs, the direct impact qualified leads can make on a pipeline, or simply the need to justify marketing spends, but telemarketing program success and client satisfaction have always been tied to return on investment, more specifically, pipeline conversion and revenue impact. In my opinion, the measurability of telemarketing from a pipeline standpoint is one reason that program results are often analyzed (and scrutinized) more heavily than other demand generation activities (i.e. direct mail, email, content syndication, webinars, events, etc). That said, I wouldn’t have it any other way, as there is nothing more rewarding than delivering a program that contributes to real revenue.

As someone that is involved with delivering B2B telemarketing programs on a daily basis, the trends and findings in the DemandGen Report article are inspiring as it shows marketers are demanding more accountability from their programs and partners. For marketers that are about to shift or have already shifted their focus to pipeline and revenue metrics, detailed below are four tips to ensure you are set up for success:

  1. Identify and Communicate Key Performance Indicators – Prior to launching any program, make sure all parties involved are clear on how the campaign will be measured. Everyone should be able to answer the question,