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Offers, what have you done for me lately? The Value of an Offer in B2B Telemarketing

In a previous blog posting How to Develop a Call Guide, I discussed various things to consider when compiling your B2B lead generation call guide. Strong opening statements, open-ended questions and developing strong information statements that leverage your solution are all key to a successful outbound telemarketing lead generation campaign. Another component to consider when engaging your prospects is an enticing offer.

Often competing companies are providing very similar products and services. The differences can be very slim and hard for a prospect to distinguish. So how do you stand out from your competitors? Providing strong offers can make your current customers and/or new prospects consider what you’re selling despite any competitive similarities. Some marketers may think that an effective offer to use in a telemarketing lead generation campaign might be a product brochure or perhaps an industry case study. These are great tools to integrate into your telemarketing approach (via call-email-call strategies) and should definitely be utilized during your lead generation efforts; however, your telemarketing campaign will also benefit from a more tangible offer – something for your prospects to see and feel (perhaps in their wallet). I have personally had a lot of success from using offers that include,

  • An iPad or Kindle pre-loaded with a relevant whitepaper, and provided to executive contacts who agree to a face-to-face appointment
  • Finance or Lease offers, particularly effective in the SMB space
  • Trade-in offers for customers, as well as competitive install bases
  • Discounted rates to a specific industry tradeshow or user conference

The most effective offers are used to gain access to your target prospects, entice interest, and most importantly, establish a desire to want to engage in business with your organization.