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Conducting Educational Training to Improve Lead Follow-up and Conversion

Many of our TeleNet blogs have centered on the importance of working with, and engaging, the Sales organization when implementing telemarketing lead generation strategies. Often times, Marketing management will work directly with Sales management to define the criteria for leads and the overall lead generation strategies. However,this collaboration between management teams does not always filter down throughout the Sales organization. I recently had the opportunity to work with one of our clients in order to develop a training designed to educate their Sales representatives. The training covered several key aspects of the Lead Generation processes, as well as how to maximize the leads they receive. Our agenda included, but was not limited, to the following:

  • how marketing campaigns are planned, developed and executed in order to qualify leads
  • costs to develop qualified leads
  • what to expect on each qualified lead
  • how to maximize the data that is provided on each qualified lead
  • how to get your questions answered and provide feedback
  • ways to improve your conversion on qualified leads

One of the most eye-opening aspects of the training was educating the Sales representatives on what it takes to develop each qualified lead – including the costs. Understanding the investment that is made (people, process, dollars, etc) gives individuals an added sense of responsibility to make sure each lead is followed-up on and maximized. Additionally, by conducting the training in person, we provided a