An Essential for Telemarketing Campaign Success - Sales Buy-in - TeleNet Marketing

An Essential for Telemarketing Campaign Success – Sales Buy-in

There are a number of things that contribute to the success of a telemarketing driven lead generation campaign and countless metrics used to measure that success. Solid lead rates, conversion statistics, dial metrics, and sheer quantity of leads are some of the hard numbers we can take a look at in order to determine how our efforts are paying off. Monitoring these points to ensure that campaign goals are met is important. However, it is more important (in my opinion) to make sure that the overall objective of a campaign is not lost in focusing on metrics that are only meaningful to marketing. The overall objective I’m speaking of is increased revenue. When measuring your marketing success, it is important to know the answers to questions like the following:

How are the leads I’m generating being worked by Sales? Are they being worked? Are they resulting in profit for my organization?

A key to achieving that very high level and obvious objective is ̢