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Keep Content Current to aid Lead Generation

One key to a successful demand generation campaign is making sure marketing content is not outdated. Most lead generation campaigns utilize Internet and electronic content such as white papers, webinars, virtual tradeshows, etc. Couple this with phone calling and you have an effective plan. Multiple information channels are allowing buyers to receive information in several different ways. Most marketers are focused on providing the latest and most updated content when launching a lead generation campaign. However, marketers also need to consider how true or relevant the content remains as time passes. Updating content should be a top priority throughout any lead generation program and most importantly when conducting ongoing Lead Nurturing efforts. Nurturing allows us to provide relevant information to your prospects over time until they are sales ready. Marketers must provide current and consistent material in order to achieve this. Our recommendation is to review content on a quarterly basis at a minimum. Here are some additional things to consider when keeping content current:

  • Always ensure your team has the latest corporate profile
  • Update logos as soon as they change. Make sure the company logo is properly branded on brochures, email signatures, letterhead, landing pages, etc.
  • Be sure case studies are relevant to today buyer. A 2007 study likely does not hold the same weight as it once did.
  • Double check that all information on your content is correctly updated (URLs, offer deadlines, contact names, etc)