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Managing Your Peaks & Valleys With Smart Telemarketing

High-tech manufacturing and integration usually involves growing and moving through partners, and since there are severe market peaks and valleys in that industry- outsourcing marketing efforts makes good sense.

A challenge that marketers face is handling the inevitable peaks and valleys associated with creating leads for partners as new products are announced and others are retired. Although it may be ideal to always have a consistent level of activity, most of us understand that business demands may require us to ramp-up and scale down. When ramping up telemarketing efforts (or scaling-back), HR pains of doing so in-house may entice you to partner with an external telemarketing vendor.

An outsourced marketing vendor allows you to holistically manage the peaks and valleys of business demands. Once the vendor is trained on your business model, products, services and objectives, that knowledge is retained and leveraged as increased marketing efforts are needed. When it gets busy and initiatives are planned, your vendor is ready to ramp-up the team. When it time to wind down based on need- it also possible to scale back efforts to only a core team.

A big advantage of utilizing an outsourced team is the focused energy- in demanding times having a staff working for you that is not involved directly in the internal pains and challenges you are experiencing, can help to yield opportunities more quickly.