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A Simple Telemarketing & Email Approach That Works

Most of us understand the impact of multi-touch campaigns using multiple media. However, telemarketers, as well as sales reps, can still overlook the simple impact of following a telemarketing voice mail with an immediate email message.

Recognizing how prospects like to communicate is important. There are prospects within your telemarketing database that are simply too busy to answer the phone or return a call. However, that does not necessarily mean there is no interest or need.

If you have attempted your target prospect via phone and have not been able to connect, then try this simple approach: Leave a benefit-focused voice mail referencing that you will follow-up via email. Immediately after leaving the voice mail, send a personalized email reiterating why you would like to connect, as well as a very brief description of the benefits your service/solution offers (make sure it relevant to their industry, type of organization and/or job function!).

On average, 5% of conversations with B2B decision-makers can be initiated using this simple tactic.

Marketers should arm their telemarketing team with benefit-focused voice mails (see our article on Critical Issue Voice Mails), as well as email templates to make this an easily implemented process.

Word of caution: Depending on your organization privacy regulations, even one-to-one personalized emails may need to be restricted until email preference is obtained. Check your policies before you move forward.