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Gatekeepers: Strategies That Work

As some of you know, one of the single most challenging factors in lead generation is dealing with the Gatekeepers. These are individuals, more commonly known as administrative assistants, operators, etc, who guard the communication lines of the decision makers we want to reach during our telemarketing efforts. Like it or not, this is part of their job. Their job, in a nutshell, is to let the right person in and keep the wrong person out.

Below are some useful and tested techniques we practice on how to work with (notice I didn’t say get around) these gatekeepers effectively:

  • Be confident—Believe in your product, service, or solution. If you don’t believe that the person you are speaking to needs it or can benefit from it, neither will they. Believe me, if you stumble, the gatekeeper is not going to put you through – no matter how nice he/she may be.
  • Listen for their name and use it— The moment you hear the gatekeeper name, write it down. This can be a warm way into the call. Refer to them by name, every time.
  • Treat them as a decision-maker— As soon as you possibly can, let them know exactly why you are calling. Remember that this person and his/her time are just as important as the decision-maker. For example, let say you reach an executive assistant. If you treat that executive assistant gatekeeper as a senior executive, you’ll learn more about the strategies and main concerns of the executive you are seeking to reach.
  • Leave a good impression—Be polite and respectful. If you think being rude or pushy is going to work, then you are wrong. You should respect everyone you contact. Always leave them with a positive impression of you and your company.

Becoming an expert at working with gatekeepers is a necessary task for anyone who makes outbound calls. And yes, it going to take a little practice and some effort. Happy dialing and remember that gatekeepers are people just like you!