Working with Sales to Maximize Your Telemarketing Leads

Working with Sales to Maximize Your Telemarketing Leads

You are committed to running a successful lead generation program.

You have invested your time and money to select the best partner, develop the best program, and provide the best training. You have gotten buy-in and input from key players across departments. You are preparing to launch the perfect program.

Ultimately, the success of your program is being measured by the number of qualified leads that make it into and through the pipeline.

Despite all your program preparation, there is a crucial variable for every program that dramatically impacts the results,the sales individuals that will be working the leads. As you know, this is a difficult variable to control. Your sales team may have varying levels of experience with lead generation or varying opinions and expectations for the program.

In order to make the most out of your program, you must be sure to thoroughly educate the sales team on the program. You can do this by providing a clear description of the program objectives, call messaging, lead distribution process, etc.

Beyond sharing the program details, listed below are 5 additional tips you should share with the sales team to help them more effectively convert leads into opportunities that will stick to the pipeline:

How quickly should a lead be called on by Sales?

Unless an appointment has been scheduled or the contact provides a specific time/date for a call back, we find that being aggressive with lead follow-up works well for people that show an interest. In fact, the contact is more likely to remember the initial call and your company if they are called in a timely manner.

An approach that is effective for all leads, but particularly for longer-term leads, is an