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Be Involved with Telemarketing Agent Training & Development

Whether using an outside telemarketing vendor or an internal team, marketers should be directly involved with the initial training and ongoing development of the agents who support their programs. In our recent Best in Class (BIC) analysis, forty percent of our BIC marketers ranked Agent Training & Skill Level as the single most important element for success.

Here are some steps to take:

  • Know that training is not a one-time event. Engage in quarterly training sessions with your telemarketing team to update them on new products, benefits, market changes, etc. Keep the team informed of your go-to-market strategy and your marketing goals.
  • Utilize certification programs that you already have in place. If you require your sales team and/or reseller channel to engage in online training certification programs, then extend the program to your strategic telemarketing agents (especially those supporting your nurturing activities!)
  • Open lines of communication between sales & telemarketing. One of the best ways to develop telemarketing agents is to provide feedback directly from the sales team. A way to achieve this is by having monthly conference calls with your sales managers and/or select sales reps or channel partners. Having a clear agenda for each meeting will ensure they are smooth and meaningful.