Government Stimulus - Steps to Shift Your Telemarketing Focus

Government Stimulus – Steps to Shift Your Telemarketing Focus

High-Tech companies that sell into the Healthcare, Education and/or Government industries may have a little more skip in their step as the stimulus efforts should give a boost to IT spending. Here are some of the funding details that I’ve read in the recent days:

  • Healthcare is expected to increase IT spending. Sources have noted $3 billion in grants, loans, and other programs to help health care providers purchase health IT systems and $18 billion for financial rewards for improving patient care through the use of the technology.
  • Education is expected to have additional dollars for IT Infrastructure. Sources have noted $20 billion, including $14 billion for K-12 and $6 billion for higher education, for renovation and modernization, including technology upgrades and energy efficiency improvements.
  • There are also several areas of the government that should see increased IT spending such as the State Department and Social Security Administration.

Most marketers are now looking at ways to get a piece of this new funding. Whether you focus exclusively on one of the above industries or you typically approach your market horizontally, here are some things you should do with regard to your telemarketing approach:

  1. Re-Ignite Past Conversations. Inevitably over the last 12 months you’ve spoken with decision-makers who have an identified pain, but had no funding to act upon. This is the time to target those in Education, Healthcare & Government again and reignite discussions. Likewise, you should also re-target any prospect who has been classified as