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Economy Drives Up the Importance of Data Hygiene – Part 2

Jon comments last week on the importance of data hygiene in today economy got me thinking of some other things companies can be doing to serve their market in times of turmoil. Why not use a data cleansing/profiling effort as a reason to reach out to your customer base, let them know that you’re still there for them, keep your finger on the pulse, maybe offer them some ideas on how you can help solve their problems?

Although our services support the needs of the B2B world, here a personal experience that nearly everyone can relate to and we can easily apply to B2B,I’ve got this insurance agent who calls me once a year to try and sell me on an addition to my current policy. When does he call? As I’m sure you can imagine, he calls just before my existing policy is about to renew. It so much like clockwork, it has become a bit of a running joke in our house. What worse in many ways is that he thinks my husband name is Tim (it not – again: data hygiene = crucial).

Every year when he calls, I always think,