The Three Fundamental

The Three Fundamental

At Monday MarketingSherpa B2B Lead Generation Summit, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin from MarketingExperiments referenced that marketers need to think in terms of touches versus attempts.

We’ve written a lot about touches relating to our nurturing methodology, however, it important to also think about the three fundamental touches that should be part of every lead generation telemarketing campaign, regardless of the number of attempts you make…

Touch #1: Critical Business Issue (CBI) Voice Mail.*

It amazing how very little attention marketers give to creating business focused voice mails as part of their telemarketing strategy. However, when you think that more than 75% of your telemarketing dials result in a voice mail, it becomes more evident why crafting an effective voice mail message and strategy is beneficial. Think of it as the first touch to your prospects. Read our previous blog posting for tips to create a CBI VM: How to Develop a Telemarketing Critical Business Issue Voice Mail Strategy

Touch #2: The Conversation.

This is the obvious touch that everyone associates with telemarketing. As you craft the messaging for your conversations, keep two items in mind always: 1.) illustrate relevancy by tying to a business pain and illustrating business value (in other words, don’t simply push a self-serving feature) and 2.) Get the prospect talking. When people talk about their own situations, they feel more of a connection to you – which is the first step in relationship building.

Touch #3: Email Follow-up.

Whether you are speaking with a