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Be Involved!! Call Calibrations are Critical for Lead Generation Success

It is now very common for call centers to utilize live call monitoring, as well as recorded call review as part of their quality control processes. However, as most of us know, telemarketing call quality can vary dramatically from vendor to vendor. Most firms will utilize formal sales and telemarketing training in order to teach and employ the greatest calling techniques. However, you should not think that your vendor training and call methodology alone will ensure the highest quality lead generation campaigns. Trusting your chosen vendor proven techniques is a great first step but in my experience I have found that there is another important step that must be taken to gain the highest return from your lead generation efforts. The simple solution: Get involved with your telemarketing team!

Hiring a quality telemarketing agency means that you have engaged professionals who are highly skilled at reaching key prospects on the phone and determining their level of need/interest in your solutions. This is a critical area of expertise that telemarketing vendors bring to your marketing organization. However, ultimately you are the expert when it comes to selling and positioning your product or service to the marketplace. Like no one else, you know what pains and challenges to listen for and how to respond. So combining the two (telemarketing tenacity and your company expertise) can only lead to a strong formula for success. So where is the best place to fuse these skill sets together? Call Calibrations

Client call calibrations are the best forum for bringing the two together. Having regular sessions in which both the vendor and the client listen jointly to telemarketing calls (live or recorded), allow you to hear how your product messaging is being received by your target market. Additionally, it enables you to work together to make strategy and market positioning changes. In the beginning of any lead generation campaign you will train and prepare your team for dozens of scenarios that may arise. This initial program training is very important and should not be taken lightly. However, it alone does not necessarily equal a highly successful campaign. I have found that there are always scenarios that come up that were not anticipated. Call calibrations give you a chance to catch these moments and provide immediate feedback for your marketing team approach and response. Regular calibration sessions not only allow you to make adjustments but it helps build the