The Importance of Lead Generation Goals: Setting, Communicating, & Tracking

The Importance of Lead Generation Goals: Setting, Communicating, & Tracking

Goals are the measurement of success. Without goals, how can you know if success was achieved? Thus, it is important to determine what success is and to communicate the goals necessary to achieve that success.

Goals are best created with the input and approval of all parties involved. That means a joint effort on the part of both client and telemarketing vendor. Furthermore, there must be upper level management approval of the goals on both the client and vendor side. The measurement of success must be clear to everyone, and it must be achievable. Setting a goal too high can create panic and then complacency while setting a goal too low can cause laziness. Either way true potential is not reached. Base goals on a combination of past performance, the state of the market place and desired growth.

Additionally, there may be multiple types of goals. For example in a lead generation campaign, there will obviously be a lead goal, but the data garnered from non-lead conversations is also very valuable. Make sure to set goals for all the important data points.

Once the goals are set, communication of the goals is the imperative next step. Anyone that will affect the goals and the delivery of the final product should be fully aware of what they are, how they will be achieved, and the timeframe in which they are to be met. That means not only upper level management through the Marketing Communication Specialist making the calls, but also the support staff like Quality Assurance & the IT team.
Setting and communicating goals isn’t where the process ends. Once those steps are complete, the goals must be tracked. Thus, the proper tools must be created in order for the progress to the goals to be monitored. Make sure the tools are in line with the right measurements and that they are easy to use and understand.

Success will be more clearly understood and obtained if the above process is followed. To recap, goals should be set with buy-in from both client and telemarketing vendor, they should be communicated to all involved parties, and they should be monitored consistently. Following these guidelines will help achieve successful telemarketing campaigns.