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How to Develop a Telemarketing Critical Business Issue (CBI) Voice Mail Strategy – Part 2

To further illustrate the point that Jon Plant outlined in his blog posting on May 7th regarding critical business issue (CBI) voice mail strategies, we’ve decided to provide an example that we would use if calling a contact and leaving a message about TeleNet Marketing services.

Here is the scenario:

TeleNet is calling a prospect who inquired through the website about telemarketing services. All we know about the contact is that he works for a company within our target market and is interested in getting more information about what we do. We have made numerous attempts to reach this person- to no avail. So we leave him a CBI Voice Mail,.

In this example, the critical business issue that many marketing directors and managers are faced with is the increased pressure from financial executives to tie positive ROI to each campaign. Therefore, quality of leads is of critical importance, as is the ability to track leads through the sales process. Stating these issues in the voice mail shows the prospect that you understand the types of challenges they are faced with and positions you more positively than a quick