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Creating E-mail Templates to Integrate with Your Telemarketing Lead Generation & Nurturing Programs

With the magnitude of voice mails reached during the telemarketing process, sending personalized emails to prospects that you are unable to reach can be a very effective way to solicit a next step. Additionally, email is an important element of any lead nurturing program. The best way to integrate e-mail into an existing telemarketing strategy – whether a strategic nurturing program or a single campaign – is to develop plain-text e-mail templates that can be quickly customized and sent by your telemarketing agents (see previous blog posting Integrating Email with Telemarketing Lead Nurturing). We recommend using plain-text so that your e-mails are perceived as one-to-one communications and do not appear as mass marketing or advertising pieces. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Keep the text short and limit the information: Make your message readable from the preview window. Many people do a quick scan of their messages in the preview window before opening them. Also be mindful of how much information you provide. If you provide your prospect with all possible information upfront, then you’ve left little reason for them to speak with you. The key is to give them just enough information to provide relevancy and to peak their interest in speaking with you again.
  2. Personalize your message & tie it to a common business issue. First, you should always address the email specifically to your prospect using their name. Secondly, you should personalize it to their industry or job functions by stating a unique business issue that they likely face. For instance something like: