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Telemarketing Lead Generation Call Techniques: Objection Handling

The ability to effectively handle objections is without doubt the single biggest factor in successful lead generation. Often a prospect says they do not need your solution or services, even before you have had the chance to discuss their potential business challenges. While this is obviously more of an objection to giving you their time, the fact is, you will not get anywhere with prospects who do not have a need – whether actual or perceived. So how do we convince a prospect to continue speaking with us so we are able to determine if a “pain” or need does indeed exist?

The first step when dealing with the objection is acknowledgement. Ensure that you make the prospect aware that you understand where they are coming from and that their objection is reasonable. This demonstrates that you are looking out for the best interest of the prospect, and that your goal is to determine whether or not they have honest needs for which your organization provides solutions, not just to meet your sales quota. This will help you to qualify the objection and to find out exactly what they mean when they say