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Telemarketing Lead Generation Data: What you need to know in order to successfully integrate vendor data into your systems

When working with a new lead generation client, many times they want to integrate our telemarketing results into their internal databases, CRM or SFA, but are unsure of the best way to do this. The answer to this is based on several factors, including the system they are using, the ability to get data into and out of the system, the maturity of their processes and potentially, IT support on their side to import and or update the data. The breadth of options runs from sending a formatted file of the data to be imported into their system, to actually working directly in the client system remotely. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, which will be discussed.

In some cases, the client has executed lead generation and/or lead-nurturing programs in the past and has an existing set of processes and business rules they have implemented and want us to use for their campaigns. For these, we work with the client and often members of their IT department, to set up any necessary connectivity (i.e. VPN or web access to their system). We also obtain the data definitions and formats so we can build the data import and export processes based on their specifications. Once completed, we test to prevent any