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Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Sales to Ensure Telemarketing Lead Generation Success

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales is an ongoing challenge for most organizations. However, it also an essential part to making telemarketing lead generation programs successful. Without buy-in from your sales team, a lead generation program is less likely to succeed. Here are some proactive steps you can take to help bridge the gap:

  1. The sales organization is the end-user of your leads. The mistake that many marketers make is defining the criteria for their lead classifications without input and buy-in from the sales department. Defining the lead criteria is a responsibility of both marketing and sales managers. Before your campaign launches, meet with sales management to jointly determine the criteria for a telemarketing sales lead. Also, make sure you directly address long-term leads with your sales management. Will the sales reps be responsible for nurturing long-term leads? If they do not have the bandwidth or desire to work long-term leads, then you’ll need to create a lead-nurturing program within marketing. If you don’t address this now, you’re more likely to have leads fall into a black hole.
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