Destination Success! What to Know Before You Launch Your Next Tele Campaign

Destination Success! What to Know Before You Launch Your Next Tele Campaign

There’s certainly no shame in coming from behind to win a big race. In the business world, however, most people will agree that it is better to start strong out of the gate. Much of a teleprospecting campaign’s success can be determined before the first phone attempt is made. To ensure your next tele campaign is destined for success, here are some items you must determine before you launch:

Know Your Purpose

  • What are your primary objectives? For instance, are you qualifying leads, setting foot-in-door appointments and/or building account profiles?
  • Which KPIs will determine your success?
  • Do you have a clear way to measure your short and long-term objectives?

Know Your Audience

  • Who will you target? Why?
  • Who do you want to keep out of the mix? Are there named accounts that should be suppressed?
  • What are the characteristics of your ideal customer profile?
    • Which titles, industries, segments, revenue ranges, etc. should be prioritized for optimum results?
  • Which of your data sources historically perform the best?

Know Your Product

  • What are the needs of your target market? And most importantly, how does your solution align/address them?
  • How does the contact’s role impact messaging?
  • What are common objections your sales team faces? How can we overcome them?
  • Who are your major competitors? How do you position against them?
  • What are the most frequently asked questions pertaining to your solution?
  • Are there environmental or business situations that should trigger the lead development representative (LDR) to ask additional questions or position a different product?

Know Your Qualifiers

  • Nail down the parameters of what qualifies and disqualifies prospects.
  • Don’t automatically assume BANT criteria when qualifying leads. BANT may or may not be the right fit for your solution or sales organization. Some considerations:
    • Type of solution (i.e. new concept or established solution) will influence the depth of your qualifiers.
    • Sales cycle will affect your timeframe criteria.
    • Nurturing of long-term leads once passed to sales (or lack thereof) may impact how quickly leads are handed over.
    • Environmental elements may influence if the product will or will not be a fit.
  • Interview your sales team to learn what details they need to know to help them convert a marketing qualified lead (MQL) to an advanced pipeline opportunity.

Not only will this level of planning increase the likelihood of success from your teleprospecting campaign, it also ensures that the MQLs delivered to your sales organization are the kind of leads that your account executives will get excited about receiving.

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