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Lead Generation Trends in Latin America

In previous blog posts, we have highlighted the best strategies to keep in mind when teleprospecting in LATAM (Teleprospecting to Latin America? Must Read Tips). We’ve showcased the substantially higher number of leads and value of leads when targeting Latin America (Teleprospecting into Latin American markets can yield tremendous results), and provided information on continuous growth in Mexico (Using Teleprospecting to Gain Market Share in Mexico). Leveraging our best practices targeting Latin America has proven ongoing strategic and successful campaigns. By engaging with TeleNet as a partner for lead generation efforts targeting Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, you are able to mitigate risks that might otherwise act as a deterrent.

Don’t speak the language of the countries you are targeting? You can define the project in English, and then rely on our team of fluent marketing professionals to translate it and localize it.

Interested in tracking results, cleansing and supplementing existing data, and gathering market intelligence? TeleNet provides customizable reporting, an investigative approach to lead generation (updating your data and uncovering new decision makers), while our seasoned Program Directors identify trends and commonalities that can help shape future campaigns.

Looking for a partner with experience that you can count on? TeleNet offers a proactive results management methodology, and our results speak for themselves:

In analyzing over two dozen calling campaigns targeting a number of different countries throughout Latin America (including Brazil)…

On average 35% – and as high as 51%! – of conversations with decision makers resulted in a BANT qualified lead opportunity, with an additional 18% of conversations composed of prospects that were “actively engaged” and require further nurturing.

1 in 11 of the contacts on the list resulted in a lead opportunity. A list of 100 contacts generated, on average, 9 BANT qualified opportunities.

• 26% of the leads generated are short term opportunities, with plans to buy within 3 months, and an additional 31% have a timeframe to buy of 3-6 months. Due to the higher volume of leads hitting your sales pipeline, you may decide to nurture longer term qualified leads. TeleNet’s human to human nurturing is focused on relationship building and keeps your prospects engaged and educated until the timing is right for the hand-off to your sales team.

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