Door Opener Campaign Generates Over $5 Million in Net New Pipeline - TeleNet Marketing

Door Opener Campaign Generates Over $5 Million in Net New Pipeline


A TeleNet high-tech client was tasked with building awareness and interest in their new mobility solutions within large enterprise accounts. Their overall goal was to increase penetration into select prospect accounts through securing face-to-face appointments with senior decision-makers. Our client set out to create a highly targeted campaign to deliver appointments that their sales organization would truly want to receive, and which would ultimately yield a positive return on investment. In order to achieve this, a solid target list was critical, as well as effective messaging. Additionally, it was believed that an incentive giveaway could help to entice senior decision-makers to participate in an appointment. However, in creating the campaign, it was particularly important that the giveaway not dilute the validity of the leads – in other words our client needed to avoid people solely interested in the “freebie.”


In order to achieve our client’s goals, TeleNet developed a multi-step, multi-media campaign. The major components were…
  • Unique Creative & Giveaway – Working with TeleNet’s creative partner, Concept Communications, a 3D mailer was designed to replicate the look of a Tablet PC. The messaging centered on our client’s mobility solution, and offered senior decision-makers the opportunity to trade-in the cardboard Tablet for the “real-thing” during a face-to-face meeting with an account executive. Given that the campaign’s messaging was centered on mobility solutions, the Tablet PC was extremely relevant.
  • Pre-Qualification of List – Due to the expense of the 3D mailer and the giveaway, it was crucial to develop a highly targeted account list before initiating the campaign. In order to achieve this, our client’s account executives hand-selected prime target accounts. Once this was done, TeleNet’s telemarketing team called each account to ensure that the contact data was accurate.
  • Proactive Appointment Setting – The mailer included a toll-free number and micro website allowing recipients to request an appointment, however, TeleNet did not just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. To maximize results, the mail drops were staggered in order to allow proactive (and prompt!) telemarketing and email follow-up by TeleNet’s team. The follow-up conversations were designed to understand the prospect’s interest level, gain insight into the account’s mobility architecture, and ultimately schedule the face-to-face appointments. By reinforcing the benefits of our client’s mobility solutions and inquiring into the account’s current mobility environment, interest solely in the Tablet PC giveaway was greatly minimized.
  • Sales Engagement – The final component of the campaign was for TeleNet’s team to schedule the appointments on the appropriate account executive’s calendar, and ship the Tablet PC to the AE, allowing it to be hand-delivered at the time of the appointment.


The initial goals of the campaign were as follows:
  • Target 500 senior decision-makers and convert 4.2 percent into qualified appointments, equating to 21 appointments
  • Convert 19% of the appointments into “won” business totaling $500K in net new business
The actual program results were as follows:
  • 50 qualified appointments were scheduled, resulting in a 10 percent conversion rate. More than double the expected quantity.
  • An impressive 64 percent of the appointments advanced to opportunities
  • A staggering $5.37million in net new pipeline was developed
"With such an impressive pipeline, our client is well on their way to obtaining an outstanding return on investment from this marketing campaign, far exceeding their goals" Tyler Anderson Account Executive