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Three Tactics to Help Schedule & Make Appointments Happen

Last April I wrote an article on our blog, which discussed the key pitfalls and recommendations for setting a next step between a qualified lead and the sales organization. Now, I’d like to follow-up with some additional successful tactics that we’ve implemented:

  1. Teleprospector gathers three appointment options (date & time) from the prospect.
    This approach is very successful when direct access to the Account Executive (AE) calendar is not possible. It enables us to provide several appointment options to the AE, which helps to ensure appointments take place, and convert to opportunities. Typically we encourage the AE to send a meeting request to the prospect for the date and time that works best for them (choosing from the three options that we provided within our lead notes).
  2. Teleprospector provides recap email to the prospect, copying the Sales AE.
    After each successful lead conversation, our teleprospectors provide an email recapping the conversation, providing relevant collateral, and outlining the next steps, including the appointment dates and times that they agreed to on the phone. We’ve found it very effective to copy the appropriate client AE on this email, and provide his or her contact information to the prospect. That way the prospect can contact the AE if he/she has any questions before the appointment. It also provides the sales contact with a