Teleprospecting in Latin America - TeleNet Marketing

Interview with Call Center Operations Supervisor Jene Brown on Teleprospecting in Latin America

Anabel: Jene, tell me a little bit about how you perceive telemarketing and lead generation conversations taking place on our Latin American efforts.

Jene: The market appears to be very open to telemarketing efforts. Contacts are receptive to talking to our native language agents and appreciate being targeted; it makes them feel valued. A big part of what we do for clients interested in generating leads in South America is educate the market in the products being offered. We have a well-rounded conversation with the targets and they often convert to qualified lead opportunities.

Anabel: What countries do you think are emerging the fastest based on metrics and conversations that you hear?

Jene: Well, Mexico is definitely one of the top countries buying technology products today. Telemarketing and lead generation in this market is very fruitful. Additionally we have seen very high lead rates in emerging economies like Columbia, Argentina, Venezuela, and Chile. A lot depends on the service or product being offered.

Anabel: I would agree 100% with that. The data always tells the story. We have seen our agents also have much longer conversations in these markets than in the USA. I believe it’s because they are not marketed to enough. What are your feelings on that?

Jene: Absolutely! The contacts that we reach share a lot of information not only about their projects but about the local economy, about trends, government policy and how all of that affects their purchasing habits. Calling into Latin America has allowed us to gather a lot of intelligence about what drives the market in addition to detecting projects for our customers. The data we collect ends up being just as valuable as the new business we detect.

Anabel: I really enjoy developing best practices with you for marketing into Latin America. I feel as though we are continually building on what we know; both from a content perspective and a tactical perspective. We have a good bank of information on what really works when reaching out to foreign markets. People looking to do business with Latin America would really value the knowledge we have been building, don’t you think so?

Jene: Yes,a big part of our success is our experience. I’d also like to mention that a key to our ongoing success is our team of agents. They are driven, dedicated, focused, well-educated, well -mannered and understand the marketplace first hand. The level of detail that they report on is often granular and insightful and this allows for constant understanding and thus improvement over time. I love to train, calibrate and work hand in hand with the Latin American MCS team here at TeleNet.

Anabel: The agents clearly like your management style and value your leadership on the floor. They often tell me how patient and helpful you are in assisting them with our telemarketing software, product information, inspiration. I think we make a great team! My goal is to continue working with clients looking to target South and Central America. It a dynamic market waiting to be tapped.