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Think Ahead: Gather the Best Market Intelligence from a Teleprospecting Campaign

When initiating a new B2B teleprospecting campaign, you may be thinking about the following questions:

  • What is the most effective opening statement to get a prospect to take the initial call?
  • What questions should we ask to get a prospect to open up about their situation?
  • What information should we collect from the lead contact that will be helpful for sales follow-up? (Budget, Timeframe, etc.)
  • What are the primary values we want to convey to the customer to peak their interest in our product/service?

Aside from the leads generated, an additional value that TeleNet provides to its clients is market intelligence. During the call guide development phase, it is important to consider what information you would like to know from the market. You should find a balance, however, between gathering market intelligence and keeping the customer experience top of mind. Don’t ask questions just to ask them, but if there are meaningful data points that would be useful for your organization, they should be taken into account when developing and prepping your lead generation team. Consider the following questions:

  • Are there certain data points your sales team wants to know about an account before reaching out to them? You may want to know how many employees the company has, or how many beds a hospital has, or what a bank assets are.
  • Many organizations have a team of decision makers and recommenders. Is it important to uncover the names and titles of the other decision makers?
  • Is there an event coming up that you’d like to promote? Perhaps prospects are unaware of the event, or perhaps they are planning to attend the event and you’ll have product demos set up that you’d like to promote.
  • What other vendors are they using in this company or organization?

Combining market research with lead generation can help you make the most of each phone call, and thinking ahead about the intelligence you’d like to obtain from the market will help you make the most of your teleprospecting campaign as a whole. Keep in mind that any pieces of information you gather from your target audience on this campaign may be very useful in determining your next lead generation project and how best to nurture your market.