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Teleprospecting into Latin American markets can yield tremendous results

As an emerging growth market, Latin America is becoming a focal point for many high-tech corporations. Technologies that have saturated the US market are now just gaining momentum in Latin America, breathing new life into many products. For example, the PC market in Latin America soared 20% in Q32011, according to a CNN Money article .

At TeleNet, we have found that the Latin American market is ripe and receptive to receiving teleprospecting phone calls. In fact, our results into LAC far exceed results yielded in the US markets.

While results will vary depending on client, here are some stats from our recent B2B outbound campaigns, which were conducted in support of our high-tech clientele,

  • The LAC Lead Conversion (number of leads uncovered from a specific list of contacts) can be more than double the conversion on the same type of campaign conducted in the U.S. As an example, we have seen the list conversion 103.7% higher in LAC than on the same campaign conducted in the US.
  • In our experience, all countries in Latin America perform higher in comparison to the US. However, we have seen particularly high lead conversion rates (sometimes 3x higher than the US) in the following countries:  Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador
  • The Value of leads uncovered in LAC can also be much greater. This is driven in part by the fact that LAC receives fewer telemarketing & sales calls, and therefore a single phone call can uncover multiple opportunities. As an example, we have seen the average lead value 73% higher in LAC than in the US on the same campaign.

Thus, not only are our teleprospecting campaigns into Latin America uncovering a greater quantity of qualified leads, we are also finding larger opportunities.

If you’re interested in expanding your teleprospecting efforts into Latin America, TeleNet can assist you.

  • TeleNet provides telemarketing support into all Latin American countries
  • Over 500,000 calls into the region have been placed by TeleNet over the last 12 months
  • We have a trained team of native Spanish and Portuguese speakers

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