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Tele-Partnering – Your Checklist for Success

As you begin your year, and are planning what marketing/sales efforts to execute, or already launching; you are likely wondering how you will accomplish your goals. For many, resource choices include leveraging a third-party teleprospecting partnership. As you evaluate partnership options, or review the success of your previous year, you will want to know that it is worthwhile.

At the end of the day, your telepartner is going to have little or no control over how a potential sales lead is managed, so it is crucial that a process is put in place to ensure success. My experiences as both the third-party and the corporate partner have shown me that you must not fixate solely on ROI, but whether YOU are providing your partner the appropriate support they need to drive ROI.

It is my firm belief that if you follow the checklist below, ROI will not be a concern:

  • 1. Are WE being effective?
    • Do you clearly provide expectations, messages, and content for your partner?
    • Does your partner style match how you want your message delivered?
    • Do you allow your partner flexibility to deliver the message in a way that fits their style?
    • Have you made a commitment to ensuring proper attention to leads passed?
    • Does your team provide adequate feedback?
      • Is the feedback both positive and constructive?
      • Do you help fill in the gaps of missing knowledge, product niches, etc?
      • Do you ask to clear up any misunderstandings?
      • Are you sharing ways to cross sell and connect the dots from comments made by prospects?
      • Do you seek out their feedback and experience?
  • 2. Are THEY being effective?